Saturday, December 20, 2008

Carrots behind your ears, fruit in your armpit

I went grocery shopping last week, a requirement that I absolutely HATE to do, no matter that I'm eating marshmallows for dinner. I only do grocery shopping when the poo tickets dwindle to within two squares.

I had to pick up some deodorant and, I just want to know...what the hell happened that caused the Secret deodorant manufacturers to get the idea into their head that I'd want to smear ASIAN PEAR scent under my arm? Vanilla chai?? Really. If they were smart, they'd manufacture underwear instead. (insert naughty grin here).


  1. Yeah, really! Wouldn't people think you had some kind of disease or really frightening B.O.?

  2. LOVE the poo tickets reference, I just used it myself yesterday! And, that's the only time I go to the grocery store also. Genetics.