Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly boy...you have so much to learn about being a geek

Brother and I were watching "Big Bang Theory" last night. In the show, dork uber alles Sheldon mentions something about fusing adamantium to his skeleton like Wolverine. To which, Brother barks a laugh and then looks at me as I look curiously at him.

"Did you miss that?" he asks.
"Adam. Ant. Ium?"
"Oh...I never thought of it that way."
Brother hesitates. "Why? What were you thinking?"
I answer, "How you could possibly know what adamantium is when you haven't played a video game since 'Space Invaders?'"
"Huh? What is it?"

..."Nerd Metal."


  1. You SCARE me sometimes.
    I had to look that one up. Big suh-prise, I know.

  2. I thought it was "HIGH GEEK" that I referenced the singer Adam Ant!

  3. I'm not geeky enough for this post. Is it like Kryptonite is to Superman as Adamantium is to Wolverine?

  4. Come on now, Cheryl. I only SEEM smart because I look stuff up in Wikipedia religiously. :D

  5. I thought Adamantium was the metal fused to Wolverine's bones that would spontaneously burst through the skin, claw-like? Isn't that what it is? If not, what is it?


  6. Trish, ask Scott. Bet money he knows.

    Adamantium is a fictional metallic or crystalline substance which has seen extensive use in works of fantasy, comics, cartoons and video games. It is so named because the word "adamant," meaning unbreakable, or adamantine combined with the neo-Latin suffix "ium" resembles the naming form of many chemical elements. In its classical form, adamantium refers to any unbreakable or impenetrable object. However most commonly, adamantium is used as the name of a nearly invulnerable fictional element or substance.

  7. So sayeth wikipedia, right?