Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is THIS what it's like when hell freezes over?

I just got home from my dad's house. I love LOVE the man, but he's spent the better part of his home-owning time living by the mantra, "White walls are better for resale." I like to think I finally, gently nudged (read: bullied) him into painting a wall in his house a color other than a shade of white. Granted, I do recall suggesting a lighter color weeks before, but he backpedaled and I let it go. So last night when the subject came up again, Fahjah said, "But I've registered for Back to the 50's up in the Twin Cities, and I have to get the coupe done. If I spend any time working on painting..." To which I blurted out, "Look. Get the paint, buy a brush and I'll come over tomorrow and do it myself." ....wha...? I did it again. This is how I ended up riding 30 miles around town on my sweet, sweet beach cruiser with Mostly Naked. Sometimes I think my inner voice is Sam Kinison. Of course, I knew he wouldn't let me do it alone. We of the Kuj Tribe have control issues of varying degrees after all.

This morning, when he opened the can of paint, I said, "Whoa! That's a little (no it's a lot) darker than what I thought you were going to go with." He said, "I got tired of trying to decide and just told the paint guys to give me this one. As I was walking out with my two buckets of paint, I noticed in their clearance section one color called 'Caramel Apple' and I thought...oh, I like that one. Oh well."

At this point (the first wall), he was making manly shrieky noises and exclaiming, "But it's poo brown!" I was as encouraging as I could be: "Oh my god, that's dark. But it'll be fine. Keep painting. Hey, how hard it is to go back and paint a lighter color over a poo brown one?"

Ten minutes later:
"But it's poo brown!"
"It's 'Espresso.' Shut up and keep painting. What if we paint the trim that 'Caramel Apple" color you were talking about?"
"No, that'll look like shit."
"Hmm. Good thing this doesn't."
"It's fiiiine. Keep painting."

When we got all done, Faj couldn't wait for the paint to dry and peeled all the tape off. I suspect he was slightly excited about the new color, because we cleaned up and set off for stores to purchase light sconces and bedding immediately after.

Brother, ever helpful as always, suggested painting "corn" randomly on the walls.

Now that it's done, I suggested we run out and pick up smoking jackets, cigars, club chairs and snifters of cognac, and contemplate the marvels of the universe in this room. I can't wait till it's done. I think it'll turn out just great!

Well done, Fahjah. Way to Jump. Both Feet. Even if I pushed. :)


  1. LOVE it! Sorta reminds me of my newly painted studio. The one with the cute little corner fireplace my favcous helped me assemble!

  2. Come back this Saturday, 2 gallons of Caramel Apple fell into my possession.