Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snakelips and Hamster Belly

When I was a kid, I think my mom got bored of hearing us ask, "What's for dinner?" She started coming up with new and exciting meal options. One night "snakelips" appeared on the menu...and it stuck.

Snakelips became the go-to name for Kraft Mac & Cheese. Hamster belly just started from a Mad-Lib I remember my brother and I doing in the car with my mom while we were waiting outside of the Walgreen's in Hanover Park. We never really applied that to an actual food, however, now that I'm giving it some thought I think the best fit would be chicken Kiev. Yum.

Does anyone else out there have better names for meals? I can't wait to try out some new ones the next time I cook...if ever. :)


  1. I hate that damn question! I am not a cook. And, I hate to hear, "aw! I don't want that." That is the very reason we have Chic-fil-a Wednesday's.

    I like the whole Snakelips and Hamster Belly deal though. You have to have something with Guts in the title. And how about something with toes. I'll have to think about it and ask the experts later next week when they come home from their dads.

    Hey- you just wrote a post.

  2. I vote we NEVER use Hamster Belly as a name for any food as it brings horrid memories to mind of my college days and is WAY too closely related to "rat belly". That is all.