Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Where have you been?! I was worried sick!"

Momma, I'm riding in clubs...with boys!


  1. Is that you second from the left?

    Is that what you have to wear? Those outfits look kind of binding. And I'm having issues with my Spanx today, so...

    Well, I guess Mother Nature decided to give y'all a break and give you some sunshine!

  2. Tell me that's my other cousin on the far right?

  3. Cheryl...yah. I'm finding that leather is quite enjoyable when it's snug...sort of womb-like. Anyway, soon I'll have a whole SUIT of it. Then I'll REALLY know what's got those mummy fetish people all hot and bothered. ...What the hell is a Spanx?

    Anonymous...other cousin is nowhere to be found. I have put on close to 1000 miles already this season to other cousin's...12. :-)

  4. Spanx? You've never heard of Spanx? They're some man's tortuous invention of fat controlling undergarments.

    But girl, when you want your fat cells to be tucked in and forced into smooth submission so your clothes lay in a smooth line, Spanx is the way to go. Of course, you'll be uncomfortable as hell but you'll look good!

  5. Maybe you should wear Spanx on the bike instead of full leathers?

    Wow, I've got almost as many miles as other cousin this season just from rolling in and out of the garage and starting the bike.

    Be safe.....