Thursday, May 1, 2008

Also? This woman scares me....

Psycho Stepford Woman!

Trish, considering the schedule you have, wouldn't you just love to mush every last ingenious, meticulously designed muffin all over her cake-hole?

....I'm so jealous...


  1. WTF??? Does this woman know people EAT the CUPCAKES?? You know, Martha Stewart screwed all of us women. She came along and with her "good things" and turned perfectionism into an art form, rather than the NEUROSIS it is!

    I could go on and on about the ridiculousness of the uber-cupcakes, but I won't because it clearly brings this woman some sort of peace. I send you good thoughts, holed-up-in-your-kitchen-all-day-long-creating-cupcakes-that-look-like-living-creatures-lady. Wherever you are.... (in your kitchen, obviously)

  2. Ah, the sacred cupcake. Oddly reminds me of the episode on Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry (the Jew) ate the Jesus cookie created by his Gentile wife and her family. Wonder if the cupcake eaters (if there are any) get in trouble too?

    See it here:

  3. reow! fst! fst! cat fight! or should I say cupcake?

    What ever floats your boat, I guess. I kind of want her to make me some cupcakes. What kind of toppers would I like? ...thinking ... I want each cupcake to represent a different artist. Picasso, Monet, Gauguin, Renoir, Mondrian, Degas and of course Van Gogh.

    Okay, I'm scaring myself a little bit!

  4. Kuj
    Been a while since I checked out the "Pipeline" so this goes back to your April 12 post.
    I loved the motorcycle trip down memory lane but felt the need to set the record straight. The lovely Heb and dearest God Child spoke of Grandpa R having a Triumph that could be considered a classic today. He may have had a Triumph in his early years but I never heard of such.
    I do recall a picture of a Grandpa Ride much cooler and way more classic than any Brit bike. Whew, am I gonna get crap from Trumpet owners. That's alright, the Brits can't grow decent teeth either. Any way, back to the pic. It was a late '40's Indian Chief complete with springer front end and fully enclosed swoopy fenders. TOO COOL!
    You just gotta know, a young man they called "Butch" had a grand time cruisin' the streets of Chicago long ago on that ol' Indian.

  5. Thanks for checking in, Fahjah.

    The picture I remember seeing I think was black and white and the bike looked all white? Up at the cottage? Anyway, I got halfway through a big pile of photographs from the family Ratball before I realized I think I saw the picture at Mom's in one of the photo albums.

    But oh-ho-ho, I scanned some interesting random photos...look for them soon.

  6. Hey Unk,
    Thanks for setting me straight. I am a girl after all and since I never actually saw the bike I screwed up. I'm very sorry! I'd love to see the pic if someone has it. I can just hear your voice say "too cool", btw!
    I still miss my Ratballs every day!
    And my favorite cousins too.
    Thanks Unk, XO!
    Love, Heb
    Scramble: ybogmlfv (that's a fun one).

  7. Hey kids-
    Actually Grandpa R was an Indian rider. The white full-dresser photographed in Iron River was of a much later vintage and belonged to Mr. Tom Burnett. By the time Grandpa R owned the place in WI he was long past riding.