Monday, May 12, 2008

Turns out...It CAN make me look worse.

I give. It's what, quarter to 10 am? I made it maybe 3 hours with new skincare and makeup combo. Remember the Exxon Valdez? Same size oil slick. Also, the "makeup so clean you can sleep in it" has highlighted every fine, blond hair on my face (mostly the chin), making me resemble a teenage Santa. The back of the box says, "Return to the skin you were born with!" Momma? Was this a likeness of my baby-smooth skin at infancy? Because this is what it looked like at 10 am this morning, right before I washed all this junk off at work.

The upside? It only feels like ONE layer of muck instead of THREE.

Sorry this is short, but now I have to run out to my salon to find out if they'll fry the hair off my face (they should probably clean it first so the oil doesn't catch fire).

Damnit. Fine, I'll just try the Murad crap alone for a week or so. I'm THIS close to making an appt with a dermatologist, because frankly, my skin remains an enigma to me. I'm convinced the answer to flawless skin is right up there with "Why are we here?"

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  1. You are so effing funny I really can't stand it. You can go to a Licensed Esthetician (L.E.), clinical skin care specialist. I go to one here, granted my skin isn't glowing and beautiful but I don't use much in the way of product. I don't use any make up base or foundaton, just the lotion from her (with SPF 25) and loose powder from the department stores. You do have to "powder your nose" and face at least once a day weather you like it or not......
    Love, Heb xo