Monday, May 19, 2008

Road Trippin'

Get ready! The first Kuj family road trip in several years is about to take place! Faj, Brother and I are riding down to Illinois to visit the extended family over Memorial Day weekend. Now I just have to figure out how to pack three days worth of stuff into the equivalent of a quart-size baggie. I figure if I pack my camera and battery charger into my underwear (the pair that's on me at the time), I might have room for a toothbrush and deodorant in the tail bag.

I will, of course, report back on the event, complete with pictures. Hopefully, not of my underwear.

A couple of days ago, Faj helped me hack the rear mud guard off the Freaky Tiki. That and a new integrated (turn signals are in the brake light) LED tail light, and now my hind-end is sleek and aerodynamic (does this bike make me look fat?). Here's Bee-Fer...

And the aftah:


  1. Wow, sleek and sexy......hope to see it in person this weekend.
    Be safe.
    You can use any of my supplies you want while you're down here. Cept not my underwear and you know why.....

  2. Wow! Sleek, sexy rear end! The bike too . . .

    Two words for you: SPACE BAG

  3. What's with blanking out the plates? Are you guys wanted or something?