Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Quickly, "The Binder" is a collection of brilliant works from myself and my then-close friends from high school. Mostly notes back and forth filled with, now that I look back, hormone-induced babbling. Except Trish's notes. Those are gonna be worth something someday. Especially because she reads my blog.

So I'm looking for something in particular to torture Trish and I find a note from a girl who was my close friend through grade school. We sort of drifted apart once we got into high school, mostly because I never saw her a single day after freshman year when we shared a locker. Our schedules never met up.

Tonight, I see her name and think "Ah hell, I'll google her. Let's see what happens." And there was my "Holy Shit!" moment. Let the name dropping begin...

Before They Were Stars example #1:
Before ->The sturdy foundation of this totem pole is my grade school friend, Amy. We were the tom-boyest of tomboys.

After ->She is currently the lead vocalist for a Chicago band called Plain Ole Delicious. I have not heard her voice for about 20 years, but the minute I listened to her sing "Surf", I recognized her immediately. Interestingly, I've never heard her sing until just now, either. She's sure come a long way since we rocked out in her room to Poison. No, I'm not proud. Of that. Proud of Amy? Completely. Jealous, even. I hope I get to experience this new side of her when I'm once again in the Chi 'Burbs.

"Surf" is an awesome song. I instantly related to it, because I love surfing, but I've never done it and have no desire to swim in the ocean. I just like to look. Weird, I know.

If you're in the Chicago area, please take the opportunity to see her perform in person.

Before They Were Stars example #2:
Before->Drafting class, Senior year. Jason was a skater punk. Fun as hell to hang out with. Jay drew this and gave it to me...apparently I kept it...seems I must have known what was down the road for him...I'm fairly sure Jason is now responsible for these....


There aren't any images of Jason on the web, but I'm picking up a vibe...

And the last one for this post....
Before They Were Stars example #3:

What...need more? Here...
Get it?
Yes, that's right. Glenn. Drummer. Wilco. Glenn and I were in Marching Band (as was Trish), but I'm not sure if he and I ever exchanged a single word in the four years. Of course, upon discovering his celebrity status (my first "Holy Shit!" moment), I had a series of dreams with him in them. Mildly disturbing. For him, I'm sure. Sorry, Glenn.

[end: nostalgic bender]


  1. Want another HS moment? Kristy is going to be in a B-thriller! Yup. She's starring with a bunch of the same people from Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I can't help but notice that all the people around you become artists in some way. You, my friend, are the cog in the artistic wheel. You inspire. You are a MUSE! I'm so glad you are my friend! :)

  2. Oh, and how cute is young Kuj?? ADORABLE! You NEED to have children. All those gorgeous genes and muse-ishness must be handed down to the next generation. Humanity needs a mini-Kuj.

  3. What is the purpose of the word verification? Moreover, is there a way to make these word verification things turn "dirty?" Perhaps they are already jumbles of pornographic text??

    The one I have now might be rearranged to spell "trick'n." Coincidence??

  4. Cool site. Thanks for choosing pictures of me that aren't TOO awful. My wife recently pointed out that my hair was a little tooo wild for awhile. Some of my publicity shots featured some hair I'd like to forget.


    PS. Is Trish that redhead from HS? Now SHE had some hair issues.

  5. I resemble that remark.

    Glenn, play nice.

  6. What? I meant that your hair was very FULL BODIED. So, like my music? Never thought I'd get this far, did you?


  7. Um...I haven't actullay listened to your music. But I PLAN to! Kuj says it's very, very good. Wife? Someone married big haired you?

  8. Now who needs to play nice?

    Yes, I am married. But she drives me nuts. In a good way.

    Want concert tickets?


  9. Nah. Maybe some other time. Hey, Kuj had some dreams about you! Want me to tell you about them? I'm sure she won't mind. They are pretty...risque.

  10. Hello? Hello??


  11. Look. I need to talk to D. before I tell you. I don't want her angry with me. She is prone to fits of rage.

  12. Okay. Talk to her and then let me know.

  13. Wow. Okay, first: Nooooohoho. No dream re-tellings. If you look BEST FRIEND up, it's from the middle old English and translates from "KEEPER OF HORRIBLY EMBARRASSING SECRETS". Second: It's near impossible to find photos of anyone SANS mullet in my yearbooks...except Trish. Who was enough hair for 3 people. So I chose the always-impressive band shot (look what it did for me!), and a good look at your face. Third: OMG. I'm an adult, I'm trying to restrain myself. Thanks for checking in. :)

  14. Wow! Our little Amy, all grown up.

    What, no photo of you snuggling up to Ken Sn--k?