Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hee hee

I took IT out today.

Actually, I told my brother via text message from work that I was going to take IT out when I got home, but upon my arrival this afternoon at our homestead, I walked in the house and found the curtains in the living room closed. "How odd," says me. So I open the curtains and turn around and find that my brother had taken IT out for me. He also took his out. I was so excited that IT was out, that I could no longer think logically and ran back and forth from house to garage trying to gather up everything so I could take IT out somewhere. Like a 7-year-old minus the much-needed Ritalin.

My brother is a good person. Instead of my new year's resolution to eat more butter (yeah, it was the same as last year), I should have resolved to be nicer to the boy. Well, after he surprised me by taking IT out today, I will do my best to remember how thoughtful he was.

I only took IT out for a short time today. Maybe I'll be able to take IT out for a longer length of time tomorrow.

Details soon...


  1. We have snow here. How Wisconsin escaped the snow that CAUSED MY HUSBAND'S CAR ACCIDENT, I do not know. Glad you enjoyed IT, though. Is this what teenagers mean when they say they want to do IT?

    I am ill. Very, very ill. On the anti b's since this afternoon. Achy. Sick. Need a nurse.

  2. SICK. Can't stress this enough. S.I.C.K.

    Um...Glenn? Out there?

  3. Today was sunny and a little brisk. Only snow is what we've got left.

    Sorry you're sick. I'd call that a karmic bitch-slap.

    Be well-er.

  4. So not the same as the guy who took "IT" out in my car at the train station many years ago.....
    -Heb xo

  5. Karmic bitch slap?? Are you saying I had this coming?

    (storming off to go play with shoes...and drink more hot tea.)

  6. Heb, no, not the same. Also, as I just remembered yesterday, NOT the single limb (a leg, I believe) from a Cabbage Patch Kid that Michelle Murphy and I brought along on all our overnight band trips and christened, aptly, "IT". Thanks for checking in. :)

    Trish, just be glad karma didn't hand you a matching set of Montezuma's revenge. ew.

  7. Now that you've taken "IT" out are you going to leave it out?
    -Grandpa Ratball

  8. I'm embarrassed. I'll just pull my pants up and leave.

  9. It's nice to see Granpa Ratball took time to check in. Is it wrong that I'm jelous that you got to take "it" out?
    -Mad Bomber F/X

  10. Hey Mad,

    Yes, I was very surprised to see that my long-deceased grandfather popped in to gross me out. :)

    Come on up. We'll let you take one of the "IT"s out. It's a little weird to be taking "IT" out when there's still snow on the ground...

  11. Here all the time I thought I was the "IT" on those trips!

    Heb, I thought he took "IT" out on the train.

    All right, let's roll. And let's be careful out there. Wild Hogs!