Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fool me once...

You gotta love it when the dot-com that is poised to take over the world shows its humorous side. I actually got sucked in...ME! Fooled! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! I thought, rubbing my hands together in a most "muh-ha-ha" manner, "That'll come in handy one day...like when I forget my best friend's birthday and I'm too cheap to send anything but an email...."

I recall once, way back in my "working for The Man" days, that if you changed the system clock on your computer, you could fool Outlook and make it look like you sent email earlier or later than was true. Yeah, yeah. "Every saint has a past. Every sinner, a future."

Here I sit, the butt of what I think might be the biggest joke ever played on me...3 inches of snow. Rassen frassen...


  1. Ack! Something is wrong! Your background has changed. It's too hard too read. My eyes...my eyes....

  2. Okay, I fell for it, too. Many, many times. In fact,I read your post four or five times
    (which is code for saying I've read it 12 times on multiple days trying to figure out what the "Fool Me Once" title was supposed to mean, but I am too embarrassed to admit this, and I was hoping that someone ELSE would get it and post to your blog so I would understand what the heck was going on without looking silly) before I realized that GMail was making a joke.


    Look under "doofus" in urbandictionary.com. You will see a picture of me staring quizzically at your post. Duh-oh.