Thursday, April 10, 2008


I can't post anything right now. I'm so busy forcing my will on Mother Nature to not poop 6 inches of snow that my right lower eyelid is twitching on its own. Also, dropping bad motor scooter music onto my mp3 player for when that whole "global warming" smarminess kicks in.

Happy Birthday Tommy. I wished for a slow day at your work and 80 degrees, but I might have asked for that for MY birthday on accident. Love you, little brother.


  1. How about a post on yoga? I'm sure your many friends and relatives could relate.

  2. AW, look how cute my favorite cousin is..........

  3. Happy Day of Your Birth, Tom!

    Heb, I googled Demi M. and leeches. Okay, her skin IS beautiful...but LEECHES?? One article explained that she uses the leeches to suck the toxins out of her system, which leaves her skin looking youthful. Um...toxin sucking: isn't that what the liver and kidneys are for? And, if leeches sucking the toxins out of one's blood leads to healthier looking skin, then shouldn't people on dialysis be RADIANT??

    Another article said that the leeches release some sort of blood thinning substance as they feed, which also may contribute to Demi's fabulous complexion. But, if that's true, shouldn't people on blood pressure meds have the same healthy glow?

    Dialysis and blood pressure meds= youthful, rosy skin? I think my grandma has a new career in modeling!!

  4. Hey Trish,

    Go Granny.....I couldn't help but think that "leechs" was actually the code word for the plastic surgeons that were "leeching" off all her money to make her fact look so great.....


  5. I meant...face.....of course....