Tuesday, April 22, 2008


36. Oh, this can't end well. It's certainly not starting that way.


  1. I thought your Birthday was Friday? Do I have it wrong??
    Heb xo

  2. It is Friday. But I was fetal and lying in the dark last night as it settled in. I'm not taking it well. :)

  3. Girl! You're going to be 36 on Friday? Happy Birthday!

    So, your Colorstrology Report goes like this:
    Your color is called Axure Blue (Pantone 17-4139) It's a very pretty, soft blue.

    If you were born on this day: You are kind and spiritual and want to connect to something greater than yourself. There is a strong calling to do something helpful and meaningful. Many of you have healing ability. Touch is very important to you, and so is being by the water. Artistic and theatrical, you are able to convey strong emotions.

    How this color benefits you: Your personal color connects you to the calm of the sea. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Azure Blue helps you move through the tides of change without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

    Compatible birthdays: February 7, June 28, November 7

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off because the sunshine is going to shine and you're going to get to ride that boyfriend of yours!! Hope you have a great week approaching YOUR day! It's your personal new year! 36 is a great year!

  4. Oh Honey, I'm sorry. If you think you're taking it hard, imagine how those of us who remember holding you as a beautiful new baby feel......

    Tis only a number and not what defines you. We all just keep getting better and smarter (oh wait, you can't get much smarter).

    Remember, there was no internet when you were born and gas was probably something like $1.00 a gallon, wtf???

    Of course I get "coq" in the jumble for today.....

    Love yah xo Heb

  5. I feel better. Thanks you two. Also, leaving work early today to go on a group ride (sounds pornish, doesn't it?).

    I know it's just a number, and I don't FEEL that age, but every once in a while I get that "I need to live forever, I won't have enough time" kinda thing going on. That's assuming I live to 80 or so. If I were rich, I could accomplish LOTS more real quick-like. :D

    Cheryl, thanks for the Pantone color...I'll update my blog background with it. :)

  6. Nice blog, funny title and yeah i dont get the post but w\e, it made me laugh!

  7. Thanks for checking in, Arjun. Stay tuned; it can only get worse! :)

    Cheryl, I'm too HTML-illiterate to change anything but the font to "my color". Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :P

    BTW, Trish, today's jumble: "KOLAX". Just run with it.

  8. Okay, who is cheryl and what astrologer uses Pantone colors? Got anything for March 18th?

  9. Well, I'm no astrologer- that's for sure! The all telling book is at home and it's got EVERY DAY! I'll try to remember to post Mar 18 when I get home.

  10. Okay Anonymous, March 18th:
    Muted Clay (Pantone 16-1330) It's a terracotta color.
    Profound, Healer, Spiritual
    If you were born on this day: Making a contribution to humankind is important to you. Having a spiritual connection and being of service helps you feel alive and balanced. There is a greatness that is inherent in your nature. You are generous and care for others so much that you may be inclined to forget about your own needs.
    How this color benefits you: Your personal color helps to you take care of yourself as well as others. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with the color Muted Clay grounds your nature and reminds you to eat well, exercise, and love both your body and your spiritual nature.
    Compatable birthdays: April 30, October 26, December 14