Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of Mice and Men

In a sportbike club of 21 men (and 1 woman), only two members were manly enough to show up yesterday for the ride to Nelson, WI...and one of them was me.

El Presidente and I took the twisty way out to take in the extravaganza that is the Flood Run. It was cold. It was uncomfortably cold (I used up two-day's worth of hot water in the post-ride shower). Also, mostly Harleys. But the people-watching was seriously amusing. "Motorcycle clubs" on hand? Outlaws, Black Pistons, blah blah blah. Biker gangs. Jeez. It's 2008. A big group of Outlaws stood around on the corner in front of us for about 20 minutes...all I saw was a big group of clingy, needy insecurity.

After failing to warm up any while standing around, we got outta there and headed back. Even cold, all those twists and turns felt great. Yeah, I'm slow, but not as slow as last year. Also, a cold day's ride made THIS taste EXCELLENT.

Those are actual grill marks on that NY strip, and the onion filled a D cup easy. I'm all proud because it was brother/sister teamwork that produced this meal. I prepped, Tommy cooked. We were so amped for a grilled meal (the true sign of approaching warmer weather) we beat feet to the local DQ for dessert afterwards in our usual bloated tradition. Upon pulling up to the door (all their lights were on) and finding it locked, I walked back to the car while Tommy stood outside their door and shrieked in desperation, "I hate you!" Of course, it fell on deaf ears...I remember when I worked at a fast-food establishment in high school how, once the door was locked, you didn't look outside. God forbid you look into the eyes of a person desperate for a late-night alcohol-absorbing meal and deny them a toilet as well.

...I can bet you though, that the features of Tom's face are permanently emblazoned on the brain of the kid cleaning the counter after his outburst, and the next Mint Oreo Blizzard for the brother will have something special in it.

...The onion molecules are just oozing out of me this morning. Good thing I don't ride in a one-piece suit.