Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Will Survive...

Nothing like a 100 mile romp before dark to soothe the troubled soul. I also rode the bike to work this was 38. When I left work at 3 this afternoon? 74.

We rode north from Eau Claire into Chippewa County and the Chip Co Forest. Somewhere along the way we passed through a speck of a town called New Auburn. You know it's small when the sign for the town pig roast on Saturday says "At The School."

New Auburn is actually a little newsworthy. It's the hometown of a local humorist (and frontman for Michael Perry & the Longbeds) named Michael Perry. I've read two of his books and they're both good reads.

* * *

I've decided to dip into some jealously horded cash for a home improvement project. Pictures to be posted after this weekend. Let me just tip you off by saying our house is molting. I feel an entertaining story or two coming out of this...

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