Tuesday, April 15, 2008


  • Snow's gone here. It's supposed to be 67 today...I might go out after work and enjoy it...if I can stand upright in the 50 mph wind.

  • Amy's band Plain Ole Delicious will be playing at Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg on May 20. Go see her for me!

  • This weekend is the Spring Flood Run. I've never participated as an actual owner/rider in a rally before, so I'm mildly excited. Also, I'm interested to find out if I can stand to be around the CVSC guys without the alcohol buffer. And if they can stand me, of course. Riding out with them...I'll bring along my camera and report back.

  • Pictured below is why I get paid. This is our digital press. The dude pictured gives you an idea of the actual size. Only difference is we don't have the extra section on the right end. We just upgraded our software and a technician is here helping us fix the glitches. Which is why I'm (at the moment) getting paid to blog. But only briefly. :)

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