Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul

I'm not dead. You're all screwed out of your bequests.

My post from the CVSC forum:

In hindsight, yes, I should have signed up for the School of Speed. On my own, I learned no more or less than I already knew, which for all we know, could be completely wrong. I guess I misunderstood that the novice class would have instructors giving you tips and suggestions...alas, that was exclusively for the Speed Schoolers.

It was an awesome event. My experience, however, was somewhat different than the expected. I think it was based on my attitude to just go out, ride at a pace that is comfortable for me, and also, not crash more than once a month. I'm full up until July.

I'm not looking to be faster, I don't want to race, I'm not in anything to win. I just want to be a smooth operator, and have a shit-ton of fun doing it. Of course, that didn't stop me from pushing my speed envelope some. I did tape over my speedometer (but not my tach), which I'm grateful for doing. For someone who gets the minor wiggins when pushing 90 on the street, it seemed utterly ridiculous that it was possible for The Hind Tit to fly through turn 1 at 130 (which, if calculated correctly, based on gear and RPMs, I think I did). For me, track day was more about little personal milestones. That turn 1 thing? That was a big one. Here's some more:

  • Scuffing a toe in turn 3.
  • Hitting the rev limiter while passing a rider.
  • Passing not one, but TWO riders. More than once.
  • The look on my brother's face when he told me he was proud of me.
  • Getting to be the one in leathers for once, instead of just watching.
  • Learning that I could really lean WAY the heck over and still stick like glue to the pavement (even that weird, greasy-looking stain in 10).
  • Figuring out which turn worked best with which gear.
  • Feeling my front tire leaving the ground just the slightest out of turn 9.
  • Seeing the same melty rubber boogers on my tires that I see on the fast boy's meats.
  • Using almost no brake at all (no small feat at 40 miles an hour)/sarcasm.

All while hearing the "Top Gun" soundtrack playing in my head.

Of course, spending time with you good people was a significant highlight of the weekend. I'm always willing to take advice to better my skills at motorcycling. The encouragement and acknowledgment mean a lot. Though, the "go all rear brake" advice? Not the best advice one could give. You know who you are.

None of us crashed. Nobody even went off the track in our group. I believe we represented the CVSC with class and style and I'm proud to be a part of this group. We may not be psycho fast, hot shit, or as young as we once were, but you can't go wrong with a bunch of good people who look out for each other. And farts. They're funny.

I enjoyed every minute of it, and I can't wait to tell my grandchildren how Grandma rode a motorcycle at Brainerd. ....all right, so it might be somebody else's grandchildren. At any rate, I fed a large portion of my ego and it made me feel damn good to do something not every 36 year old woman would do. I can check that off my list, but I'm certainly not done.
It was a splendid opportunity, and one I won't soon forget. However, packing myself into a make-shift leather suit (the jacket is an old one of mine; the pants, borrowed) forced me into deciding whether to sit up and breathe, or lay out on the tank and turn blue. Guess which I opted for. I did order a custom-fit suit that I should be getting in another week or so. From a company in California. That no one's ever heard of. This should be interesting. I have this nagging feeling I should've just gone to the local redneck bar (I mean, ONE of the local redneck bars) and thrown 500 bucks into the air. I'm sure it would've been money well spent. A hockey puck full of chew here, a hayseed there.

Pictures? Heck yeah. I can't wait to see what Jonah posts on We're talking pro photography. I'm fairly certain Jonah can make me look like a fast, white Halle Berry, he's that good. It looks like it will be a long wait for him to post up, but I have a handful of images taken by me or friends in the group. I spent 10 minutes alone looking at me. Obviously.

Also? Eleanor? Not so much with the badass. Stole that from "Talladega Nights." Obviously.

Let the pictorial splendor commence...

Some clubbers...

Brother and I



Fastest Hammock Ever

In the pits

CVSC in the hizzouse


  1. MotherKnowsNothingJune 20, 2008 at 3:20 AM

    I notice the boy wonder has shifted considerable ass in the turn. Would that be a move you would like to consider?

  2. I was told after I scuffed my toe in turn 3, that it was time to unass my seat...that's what the knee pucks are for. I told back that I wasn't comfortable with that notion. Also, while the boy wonder shifted considerable ass, I would've had to shift considerably more and there's just no firm possiblity I would've been able to re-ass the seat. I'm working on it though. By the end of the day, I was letting a knee hang out there (cringing at the thought of it making contact of course).

  3. you're the coolest chick ever!

  4. Diva D,
    You are the baddest ass chick, fa real! I'm SO proud of you for chasing your dreams my cousin!! And, you look stunningly beautiful in that last group photo. I wanna hug you.
    Come to FL with me 7/10!
    Love yah,

  5. Is alway you are one of a kind and the female gender is proud of you. I hope you had a blast and can do it again if you like.

  6. Okay, that picture of you going around a turn is fabulous! When the aliens attack, could you pick me (and my family) up and drive like that until we reach safety? (You may need to get a side car or two in order to accomodate all of us.) Make those cool twisty-turny moves (like the pic) when they are shooting lazer beams at us, okay?

    Um, who's the coolest chicka? KUJ is the coolest chicka!

    Huh. Blondes really DO have more fun....