Thursday, March 26, 2009

O.o.O. (Out of Order)

Good Lord, I'm so sorry to disappoint all two of you out there who read this regularly. I've got a number of posts started, but not completed. I was hoping to get to them while on vacation in Florida, but vacationing with My Dear Trish, her husband and two small boys? Well, silence is a RARE commodity, and I need a measure of it to be able to write something that looks like I contributed my complete attention to it, instead of looking like I was watching TV while blogging. Please be patient. I promise once I'm home (this weekend) and after I've slept off the effect of instant parenting, I will feed your useless need for many posts to come. As much as I'm hoping I can just return to the Northwoods, hop on my Freaky Tiki and go ride off in the 60 degree weather, I just read that it's snowing up there now and it looks like my energy will need to be directed elsewhere. Bummer. For me, not you.


  1. tap! tap! Is this thing on? You're in Florida? With Trish? No wonder neither of you have been posting! Surely there is SOME nonsense the two of you can come up with and share!!

    Okay. Fine. I'll just go read the other blog I stalk.

  2. There are more than 2 of us depending on you for a major source of our entertainment.....
    Kids are energizer bunnies, rest up!
    Love yah,

  3. Yeah, get with it. I'm only one more day behind on my blog than you were!