Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tap that French Baguette

You see it in a quite a lot of movies. "Top Gun" comes to mind. There's a shot where Goose taps the gas gauge in a futile attempt to will the indicator to show there's more fuel (maybe it was Merlin). Occasionally, I'll notice that in movies. I don't know why I see that kind of stuff, but somehow I can pick up on it when it occurs. I suppose it's a device used by the director to emphasize just how dire the straits are for our heroes.

What I DON'T comprehend is the seemingly ubiquitous appearance of the French baguette in movies. You might not have noticed it before, but it's there. The pretty young woman on an adventure in a cobblestoned village, riding her bicycle, a French baguette resting comfortably in her basket. Why?

I've got it in my head to make a note of every movie I see the woefully uncredited French baguette appear in.

By the way, bonus points if there are carrots accompanying the baguette, with the green tops still attached, or whatever it is that's green and leafy. Both in a paper bag? Hat trick. Join in if you wish. Maybe we could turn it into the American Film Institute...AFI's Top 100 French Baguette movies. I'll start:

Blade: Trinity - Jessica Biel plays a vampire hunter undercover as a frumpy lady with a baby strapped to her chest. Nestled in her right arm? Hat trick.

**Dateline: 10/5/12 - Breakfast at Tiffany's. One in bag and later two in bag. Sweet.


  1. I need to verify this, but I am fairly certain that any film featuring Amy Adams has frenchie. Perhaps phallic bread is in her contract? If _Talledega Nights_ has French bread, we will know for certain.



  2. You read my mind, Trish! It's gotta be phallic...a long penis like object half sticking in a "basket"??? I'm getting excited...gotta go!