Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First one in, last one out da club

About three weeks ago, our sportbike club hosted their 22nd annual Laguna Seca ride...which, if you are keeping track of professional sportbike racing, is nowhere near the actual Laguna Seca race. Anymore. But "CVSC Ride Then Drink Thingy" seems trite.

It's held on a Saturday, we have about a 150 mile ride beforehand and an after-party at a bar/hotel about 20 minutes or so south of EC in Osseo. This year I decided to skip the ride, mostly to help out the other two club members in the kitchen cooking up the fixin's, but also because the Laguna ride usually attracts many more people outside the club and I wasn't all that thrilled with the idea of riding with so many new people at once. Besides, HELLO! Food! All day being around it!

One of our club members hooked us up with a pig and roaster and did all the shopping for the rest of the chow. We had (aside from the roast pig) ho-made salsa, ho-made potato salad, and baked beans. He also picked up bacon from Sam's Club that was maple-flavored and was DELICIOUS. It was so good, I could smell maple syrup the rest of the night...though I think it was on my upper lip.

He and the other club member got to the bar way early to start cooking the pig. I showed up later in the morning, after getting lost on a county road and then spending about 5 miles worth of Cty Rd K poking along in newly laid, deep gravel. Honestly, the DOT is out to get us motorcyclists.

The remainder of the day was spent with the chop, chop, chop, boil, blend, mix and drink. Then...THE PULLING OF THE PORK! SOO-EEE!

Me, the Master Chef (Andy) and Sous Chef (Andy's son Zack)

Meanwhile...on the ride...

Mostly Naked on his newly mostly naked bike (hint: I've recently re-nicknamed him "Dances with Pine Trees")

Brother on his pristine machine

My Roomies...out front

The after-party...well..

Our 19-year-old club member ("son" to Mostly Naked and I) who, last week, left us for his first year of college in North Dakota...and to learn to fly Army helicopters. We miss him already, the little punk.

A little puke on the beer pong table, which, predictably, ended the beer pong tourney.

And this...well...I might have to get permission to tell this story. This is above a stall in the women's room. That's all I think I should say.


  1. FINALLY!!! I've been checking the blog daily and have become so used to the saddened disappointment when the page loads and I read "Suck It...." yet again! Not that it doesn't sound like a great suggestion to me, I just want MORE! So, today you can picture me jumping up and down as if I'm doing the "I have to pee right now" dance!! "Son to Mostly Naked and I" sounds really good, I like the ring to it! I believe I've already heard the story that goes along with the last photo, and seen the ensuing injury, correct??
    I miss you all very much already. I'd love to be sitting on the patio right now with a cool BW.
    Love, Heb xo

  2. Re: last photo...correct as usual, King Friday.

    Stay tuned...I've punched in a bunch of a day coming up. Sorry to keep my most rabid fan (besides my mom) waiting. :)

  3. I have to agree with anonymous. While a new post (finally) was most welcome, this one obviously contains old news to some of us. Anyway, looks like it was a GREAT party, wish I was there!
    P.S. "Pukes at Party" is going to be able to fly helicopters in our defense? Oh, the irony.

  4. Clearly, you are mistaken. The minor was NOT the puker (far as any authorities reading this know).

    He's a great kid. When Mostly Naked and I took him go-carting the day before he left, he showed up on his bike in shorts and a t-shirt, which I was not happy to see. After we sent him off and ran an errand, Mostly Naked and I were walking back to our bikes when he said something to the effect of, "I'm disappointed to see our son riding around in shorts and a t-shirt. Where did we go wrong?" Laughed my ass off at that, because not more than 2 minutes before he said that, I was thinking the same thing.

  5. And then a line from M*A*S*H popped into my head...

    Radar: Uh, sir, are you still interested in adopting a son? I've been doing some researching... There's a little boy down in, um...
    Trapper: Got anything about five foot five?
    Radar: Well, no he's, uh...
    Hawkeye: Wears dirty eyeglasses?
    Trapper: Never shaves?
    Hawkeye: A two-striper?
    Radar: Ahem. Well, I am a little old but, uh, we could try it for a week.
    Hawkeye: Sit down, and your father and I will tell you what we did to have you.