Thursday, August 28, 2008

What?! There's a girl under there? Who knew?

I had an impulsive burst of girly shopping and picked up a few things...

And NO girl should be without one of these sweet, sah-weet modes of transportation...

I also picked up a pack of white crew socks. Hey, they have "Hanes" stitched in pink, okay??


  1. Love the ring and the blue shirt. I prefer a mode of transportation that has doors and doesn't require any physical activity on my part other than my brain deciphering if I'm in the correct lane and traveling at an appropriate speed.

    The tube socks are way in!

  2. OMG, I SO love the ring, the top and the JACKET, Hello!!!!!!! Already saw the new white walls live and in person and she's sweet but wouldn't look as cute on me as the other 3 fabu purchases!!!!!
    Good work young cousin!
    BTW, I have a user name but I can't ever remember it.

  3. And, I'm so excited to see you kicking the rear of Trish's blog this week with posts!
    Keep up the good work since it's just so strange for me to be stalking someone I've never met, um, at least a female anyway.

  4. You are the bomb! LOVE the way YOU roll!

  5. LOVE the blue shirt! Love. It. Ring, too. But the shirt is a must have. And by "must have," I mean I must have it. Where did you get this luxery item?? Want. It.

    Ooooh...I didn't realize Heb was stalking me. It's kinda' cool to have a stalker.


  6. I love the ring!!! There did you get it. Call and let me know