Thursday, September 25, 2008

I SWEAR I'm clean

Not a single illicit drug has ever entered my bloodstream. All I had to eat a number of hours before bed last night was McDonald's Surf-n-Turf.

So explain this red-headed stepchild of a dream...

I'm queued up for a flight at a very small terminal. Turns out the terminal is part of a university. Turns out the plane is a fancy LearJet...corporate-looking. It's a neat charcoal gray with red and white striping. Turns out I have to run back to my "dorm" for something. The flight attendant is chilling in a chair in the terminal..she's cool...she says, "Eh...we'll wait." Well, yeah, there's only 8 passengers or so...

So I take off like OJ in the old Hertz Rental Car commercials. And I can leap and run and not be winded. In almost any dream I have, I move like I'm stuck in mud. It's terribly frustrating. But not this dream.

I'm sprinting to my dorm in bare feet and as soon as I approach the next building on the campus, there are people lying on the pavement in random places, all of them are black. The people. And they all have telltale projectile vomit spray patterns on the pavement coming from their open mouths where they lay. One black guy in a red jogging jacket lays on the sidewalk with his vomit pattern, but there's a big pool of blood and another vomit pattern near him, presumably from two other people.

I keep running, and now have to steer myself in my bare feet AROUND another vomit pattern (without a person), and watch as two black people get up and walk away, both with their mouths wide open, both projectile vomiting as they casually wander off. I recall yelling something out to them...something mundane, like "Hey you barfers! What the hell?"

Then I wake up. 15 minutes before my alarm comes on. Damnit. Or yea...because..well, vomit.


  1. LOL, as usual!! I had some REALLY, really funky dreams last night myself and all I ate was a Jimmy Johns turkey sub with cheese and chips (on the side).

    Oh, oh, today's scramble jtltsxed
    Jilted Sexed to me!!!

  2. Check out my Birthday spot......xo

  3. Ooo! Lots of HAWT Mostly Nakeds!

  4. With accents, which makes them the triple threat!!!!!!

  5. Sounded vaguely like the description of Jonestown after everyone drank the Kool-Aid.