Monday, September 8, 2008

The Tribe's Version

If you know anything about Harleys, you might have heard of "The Legend of the Bell."

Story goes there's "Road Gremlins" that love to ride along on motorcycles and cause mechanical troubles. But, they can't stand the sound of bells ringing. So, installing a small bell near the bottom of your motorcycle makes them fall off. It's a fairly lame legend, but the idea is kind of amusing to me. Reminds me of one of those "Amazing Stories" episodes (if I remember it right), where some guy is on an airline flight that's flying through a bad storm and every lightning flash shows a gremlin out on the wing laughing wickedly and yanking wiring out.

Anyway, that legend of the bell thing is fairly specific to Harleys. I'm so happy to have found something similar (yet thoroughly different) to start with just the Tribe, regardless of two-wheeled make and model. Feel free to let me know if you other family members would be interested in hanging one on your motorcycle/bicycle...I think it really personifies the love and sense of humor in the Kuj Tribe.

Yes, it's golden poo...but it's LUCKY!

Turns out the Japanese kanji for "lucky" is eerily similar to a shortened version of the word "poo." Yep...sounds like us. And it's GOLDEN!

I've never been more excited waiting for the arrival of poo...


  1. I think everyone is a little afraid to post comments after the "man package" debacle in the last post. I think a little clearing up may be in order.

    Here's the inside poop: Kuj and I went to high school together. The geeks we hung around with created a catchy little song about scrotums. Yes, scrotums. We thought we were cool. We were so wrong. So. Very. Wrong. (Well, Kuj and I had some potential, but the rest of them needed deep psychological counseling...and fashion help.)

    Anywho, the scrotum reference was meant to trigger some nostalgia on Kuj's part, not inspire fear for my sanity/sex life in Cheryl (but thanks for the concern! Don't worry, I would have thrown up in my mouth a little if an actual scrotum shot appeared!) or cause M.N. to threaten someone with alcohol and smut-gathering (not that I can blame MN because if it were MY man-sack being bantered about, I might feel a little propietary, as well).

    Okay, now that we are all cleared up on this, let's give a toast to Kuj's cool dangley golden poo! Viva la poo!

  2. You can imagine my nostalgic silence, when all I could think of from my past was "The Penis Song." "The Scrotum Song" escapes me...

  3. "Scrotum...Scrotum...S-C-R-O-T-U-M! Scrotum...Scrotum...They keep my balls up!"

    --Ring any bells?

  4. Haha! You mean "ring any BALLS?"

    No. No memory at all. Just screaming "penis penis penis penis penis penis all day long" out the school bus window upon arrival at good old LPHS post-competition. Boy, the looks we got from the "chaps," eh?

    I didn't even start that. Who started that? The one girl in the pit with the punk hair?

  5. My lucky poo lasted a few days before it "disappeared". Rat bastards must make the string out of rice paper or something. Seems like it got wet and poo appropriately fell off the tail section (or butthole of my bike) where I had it tied. Does this mean my luck has run out?