Monday, November 10, 2008

Internet Cookies, or Taking Baked Goods from Strangers

Cheryl, my faithful blog viewer and fellow blogger, "booed" my blog earlier last month. She posted a Halloween poem booing me in my comments section and then ordered my virtual ass over to her friend Claudia's blog, I, in turn, posted a comment that I had been booed. And, I apparently was the winner of a drawing for "boo-ees."

I've poked around in Claudia's site a little, but the creativity thing really only resides in me by way of words. Still, she comes up with some JENUS ideas. You should visit if you're looking for that creative whack upside the head...namely, the rest of my ingeniously creative family.

Anyway, my winnin's arrived Saturday via Jim, our trusty postal carrier. Here's what I won!

Don't be jealous of my sweet, sweet Hollow-weenie slips!

Brother test-drives the Internet cookies.

Come on, like I was going to try them first...that's why God made little brothers. Claudia also included a lovely note and a gift card for Starbucks. Thanks, Claudia and Cheryl!


  1. Yay! Claudia is a master baker! One time she made chipless chocolate chip cookies which are my FAVORITE!! The kind reader who won them generously told Claudia to give them to me. I felt so lucky. You're sporting some nifty slippers there. I loved the ones I won so much I bought a pair of winter ones for myself!

    word verif: matedoa

  2. OMG, I love the slips!!!!
    I want some cookies....

  3. She should have put laxative in the cookie at the top of the know he would have went for it.


  4. Thanks for checkin' in, E. Now, I know you know better than to encourage laxative use around my brother. It's bad enough without the help. :-)