Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Start stocking up on cat food

I won't say who I voted for in this past election. Let's just say that, since Wednesday morning's results, I've been looking for ways to survive the all-but-certain implosion of my IRA, the probable increase in my property taxes, and the likely pounding my small business employer is going to take, all in the name of helping those who are too lazy to help themselves.

How to Make Alcohol from Common Table Sugar

I wonder if I can toast the generic version of Cocoa Krispies on a hot plate for flavor...maybe get something close to the taste of Beamish.

Also? Google reveals a number of Ramen cookbooks. Grilled. Seriously.


  1. One would almost have wanted the other side to win just for the comedy that was sure to follow.

  2. Frying pan, fire. Seriously considered writing Skrawny in.