Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How could I forget this??

On our club website has a page for pictures of member's rides. You can really post up anything you want...motorcycling-related or not. One of our officers with some admin privileges will give new members about 24 hours to post up their own photo...after that, if you are sorry enough to leave the "No Picture" template up, you're at his mercy.

We had a newest member sign up this past Sunday...surprisingly, AFTER we had a crash-and-drop. And he's probably my dad's age. And, (sigh) faster than me. I'm fairly certain he had 24 hours...and I watched quietly, and not without a little panic, waiting for the noob to post a picture. I'm fairly certain THIS is not the photo he wanted posted up:

If you want to view it in all its glory, go here and look for "SVBrad", then click on the image. Enjoy.


  1. Um...there are some things that are simply beyond words. All I can say is that small children should not accept candy from this man.

    Oh, and I have some serious concerns about Erik Gourd, as well. Isn't there a rule somewhere about pulling a Richard Gere on your pet??

  2. Erik's? Another sad day for the guy who didn't post his own picture fast enough.

    A Richard Gere?? WTF is that??? lol

  3. Wasn't Richard Gere the actor who (allegedly?) stuck a hamster up his heiny? I am positive if I googled "Richard Gere hamster," the whole (urban?) legend will appear. Heck, it's probably on Wikipedia!

    Um...must go google now. Have to check the validity of my previous statements....