Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Momma is the poo. Take a big whiff.

I am a marketing genius, what can I say?

So you may have noticed I have a link to "Palm Coast Art" in the upper left corner of my blog. This is a link to a site where my mom sells the beautiful jewelry and other works of art that she creates by hand.

My mom has been a super-creative human being long as I've known her. If you check out my jewelry collection (which, as you'd imagine, despite the fact that I'm a tomboy, is quite extensive), 99% of it is either made by my mom or other members of her highly artistic side of the family. My mom can mold silver clay, glass, copper and stone into the most imaginative items. My cousin Heb is a beading wizard, and my aunt (Heb's mom) is a stained glass queen.

Needless to say, when I snuck onto the Palm Coast Art @ Etsy site and bought this cairn necklace last week, I was not disappointed.

At first glance, it doesn't appear to be much. But when I found out my cousin collected the stones from Lake Michigan and then my mom used ancient cairns, or markers, as the inspiration, I had to have it. I love jewelry with a story.

Please visit my mom's Etsy site. There are much more glamorous pieces available on the site for purchase. Every piece of art you buy goes toward a good cause: my inheritance. Spend big! I want another motorcycle!

Palm Coast Art @ Etsy

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