Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun Family Vocabulary

A conversation my dad and I had a while back reminded me of just how many words our family has added to our schoolin'. I'm sure every family does this. A small child, just getting used to speaking comes up with ingenious and usually right-to-the-point words for common, everyday occurrences and things. Or we were merely mis-heard. Or it's just plain old more amusing our way. Here's a sampling of the Kuj tribe's dictionary:

  • Snakelips: Kraft mac and cheese
  • Hopcorn: Popcorn
  • Mortytaco: Motorcycle
  • Seatback: Back seat
  • Bweem: vroom
  • Scalin' a hot one: Originally "peeling a hot potato", misunderstood as "pooping"
  • Pants: Dad
  • Taco swimming: honestly, I can't remember what this one actually was, but this is what it was interpreted as.
  • Woodypecker: Woody the Woodpecker
  • Goggy: gross
  • Berzert: term of endearment, also, n., a mouth fart on a giggly belly

Feel free to add...

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