Thursday, October 9, 2008


"How does it happen that people stray from social instances and play with packing lists? Who are we to fly in the face of turmoil and dirt? There must be something more than this shape-based pricing."

Huh. That was interesting. I thought I'd start a new post, but suddenly had forgotten what I was going to write about. The sentence above was me just typing the very first words that popped into my head, and when I'd be at a loss, I looked around my immediate area for words to drop in (packing lists, shape-based pricing).

Try it! Post a comment of your senseless sentences. I want to see what your brain comes up with (still can't remember my original topic...).


  1. Hey, today's scramble which I love, is "xswummey".

    Your post reminds me of Mad Libs. We used to laugh our fool heads off doing those.

    How many times in our family was the word any variation of the word fart?

  2. Mad Libs memory: Sitting in the car with Mom, waiting outside the Hanover Park Walgreen's (when it was in the same strip mall as Dominick's), doing a mad lib and laughing our fool heads off as the last sentence read, "We got some nice corn pone and hamster belly fer dinner."

    Hamster belly as a meal lasted throughout the ages, I tell you.

  3. Twas brillig and the car wouldn't start.