Friday, October 24, 2008

Let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear...

As in, I'm doing sweet nothing today.

I may have the best boss ever created by man. Thus, I am on vacation today. Short story...not that important.

Anyway, things of observation...

Remember that recipe I made with arborio rice and (GAG) tarragon? Well I still have the rice sitting in my pantry so I experimented a little last night. Chicken stock instead of water. A little butter. The rice. Follow the directions on the rice package. A little lemon juice and the only thing missing from my favorite Greek lemon-rice soup is well...soup. Sprinkle some Parmesan on it and delish! I used all chicken stock, which made it a little salty. You could probably ratio water and chicken stock for less salt. Tarragon, leave this home and be gone from my sight!


I'm still in bed, watching "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" episodes on dvd, and this particular episode revolves around the school talent show. Which just reminded me of this skit I did in a talent show at our grade school with a then best friend of mine. We did that old phantom arms thing with a makeup demonstration. Kristie stood in front and spoke to the audience while she held her hands behind and I applied her makeup with my own arms...pretending they were her arms. Get it? If I remember it right, we got some good laughs. All right, this is how I remember it. We ROCKED. In my head.

In junior high and high school we started hanging out with decidedly different groups and eventually we drifted apart. Then, back in 2002, my mom noticed an article in the local Illinois newspaper. Not sure how I feel about it. I had forgotten about it until I was just watching this Buffy episode. I recall when I first read about it, how I really didn't have much reaction to it then either. Which makes me think I'm damaged or something. It was something of a "Meh" reaction. RIP, Kristie. I miss our friendship, brief though it was.


I've started reading Dispatches by Michael Herr. I think he's the guy who wrote the screenplays for "Full Metal Jacket" and "Apocalypse Now." He writes as a war correspondent while in Vietnam. You can tell in the writing. The point of view speaks volumes of a man exposed to horrors no one should ever see, and written by someone with a decided "dialect" of the 60's. All he left out is "man" after every sentence.

BTW, any guesses on why "Apocalypse Now" would be perpetually unavailable on Netflix? I still have yet to see the movie in its entirety.


I had a lovely list of things to do today: clean the house, whittle down the pile of excess belongings in my possession, clean the bike in prepration for bringing it in the house for the winter. In the immortal words of Dana Carvey as George Bush, "Not gonna do it." Shortly, I'll be moving into "Command Central (where we keep the BIG computers)" and playing video games till my butt falls asleep. Shower be damned!


  1. Those are my all time most FAVORITEST days of all time!!!! Even better when done with your momma......
    I look forward to my own one of those again very soon.
    Playing movie trivia with Beef the FREAK today. Finally got him with Juno and the ultra sound, heehee.

  2. I thought I was the only tool he did that to. :-)

    It was Dogma with me.

  3. He recently told me he was doing it to you so I started doing it to him. I started with Dogma, Top Gun, Stripes, thought I stump him with Bodyguard and the faig even got that one. He's good.
    Excellent word verif: botyp!!!!

  4. Kuj- did you go back to work or are you still on vaca?

    You won the Halloween prize at the highlowaha site when you responded to my Boo. Email me.

    Now, more about you... I have a love/hate relationship with those days that I get stuck in the 80's movies that I've seen a 1,000 times and can't stop watching and I get absolutely nothing done! Right now, I can't find my remote to tv in the bedroom or it would be on sucking me into it's time warp.

    Hey, my worde verifications says... redne. You finish it. I know they're not talking about me. They must be talking about you. :)