Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Weirdness

Waiting at a stoplight yesterday afternoon, I watched a flock of small birds, maybe 30 or so, wheeling around in the sky over some trees. They'd swoop back and forth like one, in a big circle shaped group, all of them making the same sharp turns at the exact same time, but never seeming to be in any danger of colliding into one another.

My brain --> How are they doing that? I bet it's bird "Simon Says." Or it's a bird air show. They're the precision flying team, the Blue Swallows. Oops. Green light.


Riding to work this morning, I look at the same deer crossing sign I pass every day. And I'm thinking back to a video an acquaintance of mine sent to me. It was video footage from a police car at night, emergency lights on and speeding on a two lane highway in the middle of nowhere. A big deer suddenly appears in the headlights on the left side of the road. Almost as soon as the headlights illuminate this deer, it decides to run out in front of the cop car. And literally explodes as it's hit by the cow catcher on the front of the car. Chunks of guts smear up the windshield. Totally barf-worthy.

My brain --> Are deer really that stupid? That can't be the case. Maybe they can't see right. Is it depth perception? They've only got one eye on each side of their heads. You need both eyes focusing on the same point to have depth perception...right? So if the deer stands perpendicular to the road, it can't tell how far away a car is right? If you cover one eye while you're driving, it affects how you see...maybe it's the same with deer.


Saw this in a catalog today, and thought it was just the most fun and quirky chandelier I've ever seen. long is it going to be before I start wearing muu-muus, live with multiple cats and share their food?


  1. At first, I thought maybe you would relate the flock of birds to a flock of motorcycles.

    Poor deer.

    Does that chandelier work in your home? It's not a style I would picture for you and your men-dwellers. I like it though.

    Interesting thoughts today. Glad to see you writing.

  2. How much do the chandelier be? I think I didn't realize I needed it.

  3. Yours for a song...or 1600 smackers. Tacky don't come cheap.

  4. Ummm...that chandelier works on a different kind of electricity than we have at our home. Sorry.

  5. It runs on Canadian electricity, doesn't it....darn.

    Anyway, tommy, YOU get to hang a dune buggy chassis from the garage I should be entitled to a square foot somewhere...OH! what if we switch out the garage light with a 1600 dollar chandelier that looks like a prop from "The Birdcage"?