Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pretty In Pink with Sixteen Candles lighting St. Elmo's Fire with The Breakfast Club. Bueller?

I've just run through a clump of 80's movies in my Netflix queue. It made me think of things I miss.
  • Polos with the collar up (since popped collar is now taboo, I no longer own polos. They make me look like a butch lesbian, or a Best Buy employee)
  • Rolling the bottoms of your jeans tight against your ankle (conveniently disguising the fact that the jeans were floods)
  • Gaping at boys in Cavaricchis (they made their rear-ends look cute)
  • BKs (never owned a pair, just miss them)
  • Big hair (at least until you just slightly shave the sides of your head and your mom spots it. Then it's small hair from then on)
  • Big belts worn on the outside of your shirt (vinyl and pleather works of art)
  • Soccer hair (now referred to by me as "hockey hair," since hockey players seem to be the only ones still wearing mullets...well, hockey players and rednecks)
  • Disposable jobs (McWhat?)
  • The novelty of driving (eventually legally too)
  • Egging houses (If a teen buys two cartons at 7-11 at 11:30 at night, no, it's not for breakfast)
  • The novelty of drinking before your time (with the fear of God and/or parent in you, anyway)
  • Generra Hypercolor shirts (always fun when your armpits were a different color than the rest of the shirt)
  • The Benetton shirt I appropriated from my then-boyfriend (it looked better on me. And he was a douchebag)
  • Immortality (conveniently coinciding with ignorance)
  • Contest overnighters (especially watching your mom belly-crawl across the darkened gym floor in pursuit of junk food)
  • Witnessing The Rock bursting into flame (not the wrestler, the LPHS rock on the corner of campus)
  • John Cook (this one's going to need to be its own post)
  • Passing notes in class (btw, keeping them after 19 years just proves you were a dork in H.S. Or now. Maybe both.)
  • The feeling you get on the last day of school (boing boing boing boing)
  • Doing your homework 5 minutes before class (thus freeing up your evenings for what-have-you)
  • The feeling you get on the last day of summer vacation (yea friends! boo school!)
  • That new boyfriend feeling (boing boing boing boing (not specifically that boing)
  • That first kiss feeling (see previous bullet point. Maybe specifically that boing in this case)
  • That feeling you get when you back away from your date at the dance when he begins to convulse to the music (Oswald, I'm looking at you)
  • Decorating your locker (even when you have a 6 inch width to work with)
  • Indiana Dunes (especially when the car breaks down somewhere between Gary and Chicago. In the dark.)
  • Boy's cars (A Triumph Spitfire, an AMC Eagle, a 60-something Camaro, "The Green Monster", "The White Monster")
  • Scribbling on notebook covers (Mine were mostly movie quotes, of course. The gathering of useless information started fairly early)
  • Getting out of class early for pep rallies (except that one with the wrestling demo...I would've rather stayed in class)
  • Secret clubs, handshakes, insignia (Buttholes, too complicated to explain here, a poker chip with the center punched out)
  • The pride of public victory (What?? I marched good!)
  • Chasing each other around campus after a full day of band camp (yes, band camp) with coolers full of ice water (Oswald, I'm looking at you)
  • Coming home to a crowd of applauding parents (and the occasional giant inflated....purple monkey??)
  • Marching in the pouring rain at a competition (and still winning)
  • Parachute pants (never owned. wanted badly. never received. got over them)
  • "Quejada" (two parades a year...we didn't play this one enough)
  • Flashbulbs (those F*$*#ers burned!)
  • The first note of "Pique Dame" as demonstrated by the crowd (it was like the wave, only toward the back wall)
  • Chemistry class (mixy mixy, blowy uppy, greeny foamy)
  • The opportunity to be graciously allowed to "hang out" with upperclassmen (shooting warm tequila without barfing was a plus, but not a requirement. Bonus points for not letting your eyes water)
  • Being awarded your first nickname ("Bug." Don't ask)
  • Being late for graduation due to "The Sex" (yes, that's exactly why I look all sweaty and bed-heady)
  • Watching the sun come up with your friends (nuff said)


  1. Please clarify the belly crawling incident to include that momma's intended target was Coke for you girls from the cooler that was required to remain on the bleachers lest bad girls be consuming it during the night. Cough cough.

  2. Wow... every high school kid is the same. Well, almost. I wasn't late for graduation. I miss the pop up collars. My nickname was Worm. Marching band...the good ol' days. I spent WAY TOO much time obsessing over boys and not enough time obsessing over ME! :)