Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Bet My Money On A Bob-Tail NAAAAAAAAAAG

My iGoogle page has all these little widgets on it that inform and enlighten. I have a "winder" for a few blogs (yes, my own is in there, self-absorbed much?), another for my email, one for looking up words, one for "totally free crap", etc. One widget that has been most enlightening has been the "How-to of the Day" window. Every day there are two links to various "how-to" articles (remember the "How to dig post holes" blog post?). Today I'm scanning my home page and I see "How to write in Gothic calligraphy" and "6 steps to not being needy." Gothic calligraphy, blah blah blah. Every low-rider sports some kind of Gothic announcement on the windshield and it features prominently in overused tattoos. If it's a ubiquitous trend, I'm not interested.

I click on the "no more needy" how-to, and realize, oh man, that's TOTALLY ME! I'm the neediest of needy. Well, not quite. No one's ever actually said it to my face (though it would've been nice if someone would've clued me in before now), and I've always seen much worse examples of human neediness. Guess the "Jump. Both Feet" mantra should remain relevant only to creative outlets and swimmin' holes. What's slightly amusing to me is that I've started doing some of the suggestions (find a damn hobby, for instance). So "Jump. Both Feet" on again, just not on people or your relationship with them. And since I know people are reading this.... ME! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!

Hey, I'll get the attention where I can.

Thank you for your time.


  1. You are not needy. You are a monkey.

  2. I think we all have traits of narcissism and that's natural but I don't think (from reading your blog) that you are abnormally narcissistic. Now, if you had given Tommy and Mostly Naked poster sized pictures of yourself riding... well, then.

    Here's a challenge for you... There is a group on Flickr called 365. What you do is post a picture of yourself- a self portrait- everyday for a year. Before you say I'm a whacko- I'm participating as of 1/1/09... so, I'm a whole 7 days into it. You don't have to start on any special day... just start. There are some really good, some really whacky and some really boring photos (like mine) on there. Come on, Kuj... Jump. Both Feet.

    OH!! That's what all that crap meant. (see comment on next post.) Now you may say I'm a whacko.