Sunday, January 4, 2009

Undiscovered Cerebral Territory

I've been rolling this thought around in my head for some time. I believe that we all have some hidden talent that could possibly go unfound if we don't think outside our conscious creativity. I know I'm not interested in creating most types of artwork. That is a talent my brother, mom, aunt, and cousin seem to possess and, most importantly, they enjoy it. I'd rather look at it. My dad has an incredible artistic ability too, though he's really more of a genius at creating something out of nothing for the purpose of a solution. He came up with the design for my camera mount, just by sitting down and sketching out a design. And he's really good at this. The proof is in the coupe he's building. I know I can ask him very nearly anything and he knows the answer (or at least it's very convincing).

So, a month or two ago I announced to anyone who would listen that I decided I was a pinstriping genius. That was my latent talent. When Christmas arrived, my dad gave me a pinstriping kit, thus making it a sort of "put up or shut up, JEENUS." With that, and in the spirit of the following formula, I present:

Big Mouth + Pinstriping Kit + A Most Convenient Canvas + Jump. Both Feet =

Clearly, there is still a latent talent in the brain somewhere. I'll just have to keep working on this one. I expect people will be lining up to have their toilet lids striped by me within hours of this post. /end sarcasm


  1. It is the most beautiful pinstriped toilet I have ever seen! Did you just do the lid or did you do the bowl too? The artist in me wants to color in the spaces. I think you're on to something here!

  2. I just wanted to issue a formal statement apologizing to Mostly Naked for desecrating your toidy lid. Yet, I can't help wonder how long it would've been before you actually closed the lid and saw it.

    BTW, word jumble: maximmem. Take that however you want, stud.

  3. I want my lids done by you and I'm NOT joking!!!! And I don't mean my hats either.
    LOL wondering how long it would have taken MN to close the lid. Isn't it urban legend that they actually do ever close it?
    Which brings me to my next question, weren't you slightly scared to touch said toilet lid or did you do it like I would with the hazmat suit and a full can of scrubbing bubbles?

  4. Absoeffinglutely outeffingstanding-apottamus! You are THE bomb. For more fun, try striping the seat and then affix a photo to the under-surface so the photo is framed. In our generation we favored photos of Jane Fonda.